Bubbly Beauty



“Tease me,” she thinks. All bottled up, her curves hug restraints as she rests supine at an odd angle. Her well-trained lover knows exactly what she needs and without an exchanged word he begins the ritual. His fingers caress her cool neck, letting her feel the strength of his knowing hands, his supple wrist. She understands she will be well cared for here.

And then he leaves her.

And she waits. She dreams of what is to come.

He returns and again touches her, adjusting her position to suit his will. Expectation begins to tingle beneath the surface of her skin. She yearns for one more touch but again he is gone.

He continues in this sensual but brutish manner. Stirring her slightly then letting her cool, leaving but always returning. She blisters inside; each tempting turn bringing her closer to some yet unknown bliss when finally she is unbraced.

Capable palms support her weight and carry her up out of the dark cellar into the light. On the edge of ecstasy, she can’t move and is content to rest in the embrace of one so strong. A group of strangers surround her, gleeful smiles of expectation on their faces. Crystal sparkles, rainbows are cast against cream walls, sumptuous smells linger in the air.

Now, in the middle of all this commotion, her lover’s hand caresses over her body, up her neck; his thumbs linger on her lip- she can’t take any more and BANG! … Sweet release.

The crowd cheers as her liquid electricity fizzes to the brim of their glasses. Ahhh, champagne. C’est manifique!


*Champagne is traditionally made by turning bottles of wine very slightly, at precise angles (usually 45 degrees) over a period of months. This, in part, is what allows the bubbles to form. For more on how bubbly is made, follow this link.

** To buy this vintage champagne poster follow this link.

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